Radio Plays, Ghost Farts and Oscar Wilde Documentaries

Last Friday I was able to share the stage with several talented people for the one night only performance of a project I have wanted to do for over a decade. If you occasionally drop in on my blog, you know that one of the fistful of projects I’ve been working on is a live radio theatre for Halloween. I am pleased to say that The House of Shadows seemed to go over really well. Our audience was much larger than expected and ranged in age from middle school students to senior citizens. I must admit that the performance is a bit of a blur for me, but I have been told by several people that it was a lot of fun and the “right amount of creepy”. Also our musical guest, Igaus Davis did us the honor of performing a track he specifically wrote for our show. It. Was. Incredible. Seriously, book this guy. He’s a genius. Unfortunately, the performance wasn’t recorded so it now only exists in the minds of those who were there. How often do you get to have an experience like that these days. My hope is that we can get the cast together for a studio recording soon to at least have it for posterity, but we’ll see. If you want to read more about it, my sister/coproducer wrote a blog about it HERE

So yeah, if you were unable to attend, keep your ear to the ground we’re planning on doing more of these in the new year.

In other news, the dual Halloween/election episode of Victorian Cut-out Theatre came out on Saturday. This episode deals less with candidates and more about how people react to them. If one wanted to put a theme to it, you could say the humans are the “real monsters”. There’s also ghost farts.

I was also able to finish my Oscar Wilde Documentary for the GoWest Film Festival. There’s still a few tweaks to make, but I think, overall it was a success.

Whew! I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but these past few months have nearly killed me. That said, I've had a blast.

Onward and upward,