Review By Request: Better Off Dead (1986)

I found myself streamlining this review, quite simply because I didn't want to go on too long (This happens with every review I do). Being a child of the 80's, I have a grand appetite for most that decades cult classics and could talk about them forever. However, I figured if you liked the video, you could check out the blog and get a few more tidbits about the film. The links below lead to two interviews: one with the film's director and the other with Dan Schneider, the actor who played Ricky Smith. The third written piece is coverage of a screening of Better Off Dead for the film's 25th Anniversary. All of these are super cool and give an insight to the film from both fans and the people who made it.

Also below are are two pieces of alternative poster art that spotlight the film. Click on the pictures for expanded content and artist credits.

Savage Steve Holland TheSneeze Interview

Dan Schneider TheSneeze Interview

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Thanks to ZyxthePest for recommending this film! Thank you all for watching!

-Rob Out.