The right way to do things

The season 2 finale of VCoT is rendered and complete and handed over to the proper authorities (Cinevore). This episode ended up being more of a challenge than I originally thought it would be, and it all boiled down to planning and integration of formats. As I explained to Chris Potako, I’ve not been formally trained in animation or making videos. Before I was doing this, I was writing and performing in plays. In order for me to make things I just banged to rocks together until the program did what I wanted it to do. This was hubristic on my part, but in all fairness it worked out better than initially expected. Regardless, the episode turned out great with some mild tweaks to the end and I will be using a new animation program to make VCoT for next season. I’ll be taking tutorials and really learning what this software can do. My hiatus from the show, as well as planning/prepping future episodes and taking care of an infant, will be comprised of me formally learning the nuts and bolts of animation and digital film making. Better late than never I suppose.

I’m writing more and editing more than I ever have before. This, I think, is a sign of growth, but perhaps most importantly, I am submitting writing, videos and ideas to people whom I don’t know and this seems to be the real test. I’ve begun to receive polite “thank you, but no’s” and the annoying no reply at all. However, occasionally I receive a genuine “yes” from someone who likes what I do, and would enjoy seeing more of it. I’m picking up experience and failure and opportunity wherever I can find it and while frustrating, this is how it’s supposed to be. I write this as a scrap for some of you who might be able to find these thoughts useful. If not, disregard them for ideas and concepts that better work for you.

There will be more and different kinds of video blogs on the way as well as more silly videos. For those of you who have pointed out that the blogs are like John Green’s, you’re absolutely right. Ze Frank and The Vlog Brothers invented the modern video blog style. The quick cuts, the close ups, the super-fast talk- everything was just robbed from those guys. I originally started the video blogs as a placeholder for content, you know, since VCoT only comes out once a month. However, I think there’s something there that’s worth exploring. I have ideas on what a video blog show could be, aside from looking like every other video blog out there. I hope you’ll indulge my tinkering with the format.

It will be only a little while now before my wife gives birth. Luckily, I find my fears have abated somewhat. Maybe it was the “Daddy Bootcamp” class I took, but more likely the fact that this is inevitable and that I better just get used to it and not be afraid. Regardless, by this time next year, the room that used to be my office will be filled with baby things, as well as a pale, chubby infant that will likely bare my dark sense of humor and my wife’s disregard for volume control. I welcome him with open arms.

Take care,