Schedule is tight.

My correspondence has become less consistent these days and that's due in part to the fact that I've been doing paid videography work as well as prepping for two live action short films. As you can imagine, my schedule has been tight, and it shall remain so for the foreseeable future.

More animations are coming though, I enjoy doing them and have a back log of scripts with which to play. I've been toying with the idea of ending (for now anyway) the Animated Monologues and focusing on other works. I have a story in mind that will finish the loose trilogy and be an apotheosis to everything I've done with it so far. I never thought I'd be working on animations (even crude ones), having studied theatre and wanting to branch into movies, but life's funny that way.

Yesterday I received a message that informed me that at least two people (outside my immediate circle of friends) find my Victorian Cut-Out Theatre shorts to be funny and entertaining. This is suprising to me, for up until now I labored under the world view that quirky cut-out nobility and cryptids spewing dialogue about cannibalism and the marriage of bears to Irish servants didn't have an audience. I was told a while ago that certain people "don't like quirky". It turns out, that certain people do. They seem to like that subject matter quite a bit. These two people had a proposal which could potentially lead to some really neat stuff. They have vocabularies that lead me to believe that they know what they're talking about with regard to audiences and technical specifications of videos. What's more is that I like them as people. They are very helpful, kind and I trust them. Working with people I enjoy and respect as artists is right in my wheel house. More on this as it solidifies.

Things seem to be moving along better than they ever have. I feel like I'm close to what I really want to be doing full time. Thanks to luck, opportunity and the support of my friends, family and day job. I'm learning more and gaining experience. And not a moment too soon, I just turned 30 for Pete's sake.

I cast for the shorts today, it will certainly be the most professional process I've been involved with since college. I'm nervous, but I can handle it. After all, I studied Shakespeare...

-Rob Out.