The Scream

Most of you may not be keenly aware of the famous Wilhelm Scream, but rest assured all of you have heard it...multiple times. The Wilhelm Scream is a famous sound effect that has appeared in over a hundred films over the years but rose to prominence when Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt, rediscovered the effect and placed in in Star Wars: A New Hope. Since then it has appeared in all of the Star Wars films as well as countless others. This is a real piece of film history (even though it's astoundingly silly and kind of trivial) and I wanted to share it with you all.

Below is a short history of the Wilhelm Scream as well as a fantastic compilation of it's uses.

Postscript: As Many of you know, I'm getting married in less than two months, so the posting schedule will be more erratic until after the wedding. I really appreciate you all continuing to check in and repost. After August, new concrete schedule will be developed and we'll be back to a steady stream of videos and projects. Thank you for your patience.

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