Smoking and Exercise

I used to smoke, but I don't anymore.

I started smoking regularly around 2002 in my second year of college. Ten years of inhaling filthy smoke and relaxation served its purpose. However, by the time I hit my thirties it became apparent to me that my body wasn't working like it did when I was eighteen. In the words of a friend "it's burning a little more oil than it used to."

This realization, along with expense, occasional hypochondria and the nagging of my wife convinced me to stop. To be fair, it was time and I'm glad I quit. This was an adult decision, and when you reach your thirties you catch yourself making more of them (hopefully). I quit with the help of a series of medicinal patches that helped me get through two months without cigarettes. The buzz was great and I began to wonder why more people weren't on nicotine patches, they were so much better than smoking, although they did lack the social aspect that got me hooked in the first place.

It has been over a year since my last cigarette and while I'm proud of the decision I made, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about lighting one up. I haven't though…I haven't…Anyway, because I no longer smoke, I've had to find new ways to calm my restless brain and for the most part, exercise has played a large roll in this… until recently.

Due to the hectic schedule I've had until this weekend, my exercise has been erratic and slow, but I'm hoping to change that. The goal behind having some semblance of a steady (boring) schedule, is to prevent me from shoveling garbage into my face while playing five hours of video games… which I have done from time to time. This schedule also helps me make things for people to watch and read, good things…or so I'm told.

With this in mind, it's time to make another adult decision and climb back on the horse and start exercising again. I was running three miles a day a few months ago; I may have to shoot for a mile a day this week, and wittle my way back up the food chain. Another reason (other than physical and mental health) for my turn at exercise, is that I look better after a couple of weeks doing it. I'm not so enlightened that I don't appreciate looking good, particularly for my wife. Right now, I'm shooting for a physique that is reminiscent of a prime Lee Marvin. We'll see how I do. I'd post pictures of my progress, but I'm not going to because that would be embarrassing.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and please have a pleasant Monday.