The "Someday" List

All three of us have been looking forward to this day for over two months. We had talked about going to Sundance several times, but it seemed to get filed under the "Someday" category.

The "Someday" category is reserved for this kind of aspiration along with "I'll find a better job", "I'll go back to school" or the always popular "I'll stop fetishizing Princess Leia in that gold bikini". Well, CBP (as a whole) can finally cross Sundance off our "Someday" list. We leave tomorrow morning. We will be seeing three film selections:

Tucker and Dale Versus Evil: Tucker and Dale, two hillbillies heading to their “fixer-upper” cabin for some relaxin’, discover they ain’t alone in them woods. They encounter an SUV full of vacationing college kids, and Dale unintentionally creeps them out. But later, as he and Tucker are fishing, Dale rescues one of them—the pretty blond Alison—after she falls into the lake. Assuming she’s been captured, the indomitably preppy college kids rally to find her. A comically macabre battle between Izods and overalls, Eli Craig’s ingenious send-up of the horror genre recounts a simple misunderstanding gone grotesquely wrong. Our hillbilly psycho killers are actually sweet as pie; it’s the judgmental college kids who have “issues.”

Douchebag: The week Sam Nussbaum is to be married, his fiancée questions why his only brother, Tom, isn’t coming to the wedding. Unsatisfied with his lame reply, she surprises Sam by bringing the brothers together. Sam is not happy, but he rarely is—unless he’s telling someone what to do. When it’s revealed that Tom has only been in love once—with his fifth-grade girlfriend—Sam insists they go find her. It soon becomes evident that their journey is simply an excuse for Sam to avoid his impending commitment. If you haven't deciphered the derivation of the title by now, stick with it. The fresh writing and original characters will reveal it all. Douchebag will make you squirm, laugh, and get pissed off—all at the same time. Outstanding breakout performances bring an authenticity that would be impressive even from seasoned actors. Drake Doremus's clever, straightforward film making keeps the story buzzing in this offbeat comedy that gives a modern twist to sibling rivalry.

As well as a selections of short films which we are greatly looking forward to. For a first time trip to the film festival, I think we have enough to keep us busy. I am anticipating a great deal to see besides the films themselves and I wouldn't be surprised if we were all a bit overstimulated. Anyway, we'll keep you posted with updates, photos and new videos chronicling our trip so keep checking back Thursday through Saturday.

-Rob Out