You read the title of this article correctly, in OCTOBER, I will be flying out to "The City of Brotherly Love" to attend The Philadelphia Filmathon, where they will be screening several films, as well as Son of a Beach (The short animation where I talk about why I don't like going to the beach). I've never been out East before, so this should be an educational experience in more ways than one. It will be nice to screen the short for a live audience and I'm looking forward to seeing the other selections and workshops. In short, I'm freaking out and I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity. And to think, just yesterday I was pounding fence posts into the barren wasteland of Eastern Colorado and today...well, I'll be doing the same thing, but I have a film in a festival. Also, Philadelphia is where the Fresh Prince "was born and raised", and that's pretty cool.

NOTE: I've taken down the video for Son of a Beach for now, it will go back up once the festival is over. Sorry for any inconvenience.

-Rob Out.