Still Alive


Geez, I haven’t posted here in a long time...December 2018? Really? Well, some of you may know that I never stopped making stuff. I never even stopped updating this website. Over the past two years, this place became less a space for me to pour my thoughts into via blog, and more of a space to feature a comprehensive list of my work which you can see on the Projects page HERE.

Since 2018, I have done the following:

I began writing for a series of humor sites which include 5 of Paste Magazine's 7 Humor Sites You Should Be Reading. These sites are all great and probably include a few that you’re aware of and are super famous like Points in Case and The Hard Times.

I’ve worked on (to date) on two tabletop roleplaying games, both for Onyx Path Publishing, a company famous for taking over White Wolf’s World of Darkness line (Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken). These new games still have to do with monsters, the first one They Came From Beneath The Sea is based on 1950s science fiction B-Movies and the second one They Came From Beyond The Grave is based on the gothic Hammer, Amicus, and Corman Films of the 1960s and 70s. If you ever wanted to fight mummies in a European discotheque, this is your game. I’ve long been a fan of Onyx Path, WoD, and the work of Matthew Dawkins (my boss on these projects) and am delighted to contribute to these games. I hope I get to work on more in the future.

The most exciting thing, however, is the fact that I and the producers at Cinevore (Stephanie Yuhas and Matt Conant) have been pitching a TV version of Victorian Cut-out Theatre for the past two years, longer actually. We had a few nibbles, the most recent of which included a meeting with Felicia Day (who is super cool and nice and wicked sharp). But that dissolved, much to my dismay. And while I’m confident that someone will want the show and treat it right, for now, we are still pitching it. There’s more to say on this but that needs a whole blog.

Two of my short stories are now featured in science fiction fantasy anthologies called Crash Philosophy 2nd and 3rd Collision. You can purchase them HERE. Please do. I’m very proud of my contributions and the other stories are stellar as well.

I’ve written my first feature script. This might not sound like much, but to me it is huge. I also got to pitch it to real studios that make horror movies. Right now a filmmaker friend of might is breaking the script down and hopefully, someday it will get turned into a fun (and profitable) monster movie.

I’ve also worked on several theatre projects including an adaptation of Christmas Victorian Ghost Stories for live audio drama, scripts for the Paragon Science Fiction Play Festival and The Durango 10 minute Play Festival.

And after five years (six years?) of being on the board of The Go West Film Festival, and heralding in two years of shorts programming, I have retired from Go West to work on other things.

As for my personal life, if you look back in the blogs, you’ll notice that my family and I had to leave our house of five years in 2018 while I was in the midst of a stage production of Frankenstein. We moved in with my sister for two months before finding a new apartment. Well, we’re still here, and it’s still tight and it’s about to get tighter because my wife and I are about to welcome our second child. We are very excited and I am, as always, very nervous.

If you’re wondering where all the blogs went, they pretty much got poured into my weekly E-Zine called The Pneumatic Tube, which I created as a response to how toxic and centralized modern social media has become. You can read more about that HERE. And if you want to subscribe, please do! It’s a lot of fun and forces people to branch out beyond the two or three sites they visit every day.

So that’s the update. I’m going to start posting here more often and see if I can give the site a facelift sometime soon. I’ll also be updating to let you know about other projects (Joke Livestreams and humor on Instagram and My Patreon) that I’ll be working on/releasing soon so please stay tuned and let your friends know.

Take care,