Sundancin': Day Three

It went by so fast... We spent the morning of our third day at The Sundance Film Festival primarily relaxing. We were car lagged from the trip and really had no chance to catch our breath. The rest was needed since we had two screenings to go to, which may not sound like a great deal, but this being our first time at the festival (as well as our first time navigating Park City's Transit system) seemed like enough to keep us busy. Our first film was actually a collection of films, The Shorts Program 3. There was not a bad film in this package and we were treated to several wonderful, well made shorts. Our two favorites were "Patrol" directed by John Patton Ford, which follows a divorced man trying to impress his young son by telling him he is a police officer. Our other favorite was the Spanish film "My Invisible Friend" directed by Pablo Larcuen which is an oddball comedy which follows a shy young man's "invention" of an imaginary friend to help him come out of his shell. We had the great fortune to chat with both filmmakers after the screening and found them to be very down to earth and approachable. It was this part of our festival experience that gave us the most inspiration. Here are filmmakers within our age range trying to do exactly what we are. There is a great sense of solidarity in that. The second film we saw was the feature "Tucker and Dale Versus Evil" directed by Eli Craig. This film is a send up of the "Hillbilly Slasher Genre" but this time, the hillbillies are innocent and the grizzly murders are part of some ridiculous misunderstanding. I can't recommend this movie enough, because I'm positive that everyone we know would love it. Sadly though, this film did NOT find distribution at the festival. I recommend everyone who wants to see this gem become Eli Craig's friend on Facebook. The director himself said that this film needs a grassroots fan-base in order to get it seen. Trust will love this movie, it does for "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" what "Shaun of the Dead" did for Romero Films. I must point out a great bummer in our trip (The only bummer) we could have had two tickets to see Bobby Miller's "TUB" tonight at the festival, but due to our schedule we couldn't make it to the theatre to pick up the tickets. This is an apology to Mr. Miller whom we have followed on Indy Mogul for a while now. He has been an inspiration to me personally. I am really disappointed that we couldn't be there to see the movie. We can't express what a wonderful experience this whole trip has been. We've had a fantastic time and can't tell you all how inspired we are after attending. Thank you Wendy and Steve for having Monty and I along. This was incredible, and as one fellow festival goer put it, "There's only one first time" We head home tomorrow (technically today) and as we drive the eight hours back to Colorado, I have no doubt visions of filmmaking will accompany us on our journey. The future: TAKING A FILM TO SUNDANCE Sleep tight, -Rob