Taking Compliments

I don’t know how to take compliments, I never have. This is a trait that makes me awkward to deal with and one that I am trying to sand the rough edges off of. People want you to say ‘thank you’, not stammer and stare at your shoes. I’m good with people most of the time. Five years of acting training has made me able to fake charm exceedingly well, except when something I really hold dear is at stake, then I crack.

I was paid a huge compliment by way of a friend this weekend. It was the kind of compliment that you dream often of hearing. One with real repercussions. I said ‘thank you’ and tried not to let it rattle me. So here I sit trying not to get excited about anything, so I don’t get sad if everything stays the same. This is the life of an artist, staring at a golden deity who holds treasure in one fist and a saber in t’other.

Labor Day saw me awoken with a baby that looks a bit like me screaming into my face. His tiny, jack o lantern grin was a welcome change to my normal routine of waking at 4:45 AM and cursing the gods that made me. After that, Denise and I emptied one of our closets of stuff and proceeded to go through it in order to declutter our lives. We’ve been doing this bit by bit, and so far, I’m happy with the results. My hope is that the next move we make, I won’t feel shackled to piles of things that I don’t really want. I found a lot of old costumes that had been used in former productions of The Devil’s Workshop (College) and Cigarette Burn Pictures. I found old photographs too, which I’ll go through at a later date. More than a few of these pictures contained friends of mine who have gone on to careers in theatre and film. I cast a proud glance at them before boxing them up and thinking about how young we all looked.

The rest of my day has been spent working on VCoT Season 3 episode 2. I was hoping to have the season completed before now, but, these things take time. And since I’m hoping to make these episodes the best of the bunch amid going to a day job and helping to raise a child, it’s taking longer than normal. I’m putting the finishing touches on the VCoT Trolls episode right now, but the final render may have to wait until tomorrow. Most of my lingering bugaboos have to do with sound and provide a few frustrating sections that I may have to work around. I have a few ideas to make this as painless as possible, but I think future episodes will be recorded using a different program than the one I’m currently laboring against. It’s those damned plosives folks.

In case you were wondering, “It’s all about the writing.”

That was part of the compliment I received. And it was great to hear someone recognize my work for its strengths. “It’s all about the writing.” was a mantra I chanted constantly when I realized the limitations of my animation ability. I’m delighted that it worked for someone besides myself.

It’s raining now, maybe Autumn is finally upon us. I hope so.

Take care,