Taxes & Reminiscing

I got my tax forms gathered in an effort to be a responsible adult. My videography related income this year far exceeded my expectations, which is to say that I will be claiming this work on my taxes. It would be fair to say that I didn't plan for this. I was lucky this year that people hired me to work on projects that A) I was interested in and B) could do. The last time I even came close to making money doing this was when I was part of a trio of gentleman who's office was in an elderly woman's basement. What we lacked in financial know-how, we made up for in sheer humor. Seems like it was only yesterday...

I have no idea what this will look like, as I'm hardly a business professional, although I'm getting better every day. I will likely have to pay out, instead of recieve money. As always with tax season, I tell myself that my money will be going toward libraries and schools (two of the things I highly value in this society of ours). I know my portion gets spread thinly over many programs, but I prefer to think that two institutions that are supposed to be monuments to knowledge, will get the lion's share of my cut. It just makes me feel better.

As of this writing, my two previously paid projects are complete (I hope) and I'm preparing the latest Victorian Cut-out Theatre for premiere. This episode is literally about the last scene of Jane Eyre, and consequently, may alienate some people. I hope that this doesn't happen. I hope that people get the references, or barring that, can enjoy it on its own. I chose to use this topic as the seed of the episode, because I find that story fascinating. I kind of view the ending as a bit of a cop-out, not unlike the end of Pretty in Pink. It's also a prime candidate for a "semi-Valentine's Day Episode". Nothing says love, like blindness and mood swings.

Anyway, you may like to know that the second Victorian Cut-out Theatre commentary is live. It features my thoughts about VCoT: Eternal Kiss and a bit about the history behind the episode. Check it out. Also, new episode of Victorian Cut-out Theatre drops this week. keep your eyes peeled.

Take care,