Technical Expertise

I'm to the point now where projects are coming to their end, but are also beginning to overlap with others that are starting to ramp up. It's driving me a bit nuts, but I'm handling it. I'm also debating whether or not to take upcoming jobs. I, like many artists, want to be a able to do everything, but time and money won't allow it. I have to make paid work first priority in the hierarchy of job activity. I also need to be conscious of schedules and other people's time. Because of this, and my technical limitations (1 computer) I have to be very careful what I say yes to. However, it is nice to have people start coming to me because I have some sort of exepertise...of some kind. I'm starting to be a specialist in the field of short, quirky, Victorian-themed animations. (There aren't many of us).

I should probably point out that I'm not a technical wizard though. I went to school for performance and education. I am self* taught when it comes to this stuff and operate off of a "whatever works" philosophy. However, I do know more than some. And when I explain to people how long this process can take, just in terms of waiting for footage to unspool onto the loom of a computer, they still have no idea. Sure these people nod and smile and say that they understand that "these things take time", but they don't really. I don't blame them for this, as a matter of fact I envy them their ignorance. But there are some things you can't un-know. So occasionally I feel a bit like a dealer in dark magics, not a master wizard whose brain is filled with code, but a cheap underling. A small cog that serves an abominable technomancy. I don't wield great power myself, but I have seen the other side and it isn't pretty.

Anyway, my new customer's have nodded like the others, but the opportunity to work on a music video is too cool to turn down. I've been dying to do music videos for a while, but unfortunately musicians have an "idea" of what they think a video should look like and surprise surprise, my body of work doesn't fit into that notion. However, this new project promises to be a fun collaboration and I'm told could result in exposing more people to my work, which would be neat. We'll see if I can get this off my plate before we move.

Some NEW things coming up...

This site's designer, Rick Destree, is getting close to finishing up the new website. I've seen it, and it looks amazing. We're going for a new style and I hope the result will make finding articles, videos and other knick-knacks easier.

I've also started uploading VCoT episode commentaries the first of which is HERE. I will be posting these every other week, so you can expect New VCoT episodes and commentaries every month. (I haven't produced 2 videos a month since The last Ani-Logue!) I'll post a VCoT commentary February 4th and the NEW episode February 8th. Check in and be sure to tell your friends.

Well, that's about it. Finishing old stuff, beginning new stuff. Writing more often. Diet/exercising (still). I'll post another blog next Monday, unless something really amazing happens before then and I can't keep it to myself.

Take care,


*Self Taught: Lots of research, but also learning from others. Monty Velasquez and Matt Conant in particular.