Time management and hopes for 2015

My son has finally gone down for a nap and already today is off to a better start than yesterday. I think I’m in a better headspace than I was the day before. Expectation and wise time usage are key when making stuff with an infant present. I can’t always expect to “get things done” because sometimes he just won’t let it happen. I had hoped to crank out a couple of videos yesterday, and really only managed one, which is rendering right now. This rendering is taking forever and is a needling reminder that I need to fix how I do things from a technology standpoint. I won’t say any more than that for fear that Chris Potako’s spirit will find me, leaving behind his twitching meat husk, for the sole purpose of shaking his incorporeal head at me in shocked disbelief. Let’s just say that this this problem will be fixed by Monday.

I’m almost done with the sixth script for Victorian Cut-out Theatre season 3. I’m…thinking this might be the final script for that season. I normally like to do 11 episodes per season, but until I see how the new software and workflow goes, I’d rather not commit to more than I’m sure I can deliver. We'll see how it goes. It kills me to miss deadlines and I really mean it when I say I want this season to be the best of the bunch.

Other than that, I’ve just been trying to keep up with the tasks I’ve already promised I’d do for clients and coworkers. I am starting to question, however, the idea of what it is I really want to be working on. How do I really want to spend my time, particularly if what I am doing is spec, or *GASP* just for my own amusement. I think this means that certain videos might stop altogether, slow down to a crawl or change into something else entirely. I would like to try new things in 2015 and this may be the year that sees me throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. My sister and I talked about directing a play together this year , I have another friend who wants to work on an old time radio project, and with my constant listening to horror podcasts, I kind of want to do one on my own. Not to mention all of the video projects I really really want to do this year. 2014 was about submitting work, which I did more of than in any year before, and will continue to submit a ton this year. But I also kind of just sat on my creative hands for most of the year. I think forcing myself to do projects, even some that are different than video, will make me more refreshed as an artist and hopefully make me better at my job.

I’m 32, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time, at least in 2015. More than anything, I want to look back on this year and think, “I did a lot of cool shit.”