Time management, summer heat and animation

I won't lie to you, internet, July is likely to be a shit show. To be fair, I shouldn't be surprised, twice every year, everything happens at once: summer and during the holidays. Deadlines, moving, weddings. It's all good stuff, but even with superior time management, the chance that I'll be worn down to a bloody nub by the end of August is pretty great. But just like every year, I'm sure I'll emerge from the experience wiser and more prepared for next year.

It's that point in the summer where all of our fans, window and oscillating, are operating at full tilt, just to keep up with the heat. This is a fool's task, and every year my wife makes me promise that the next place we live will have central air. This has not yet come to pass. I am hopeful, however, that someday we will find a reasonably priced residence, in a neighborhood in which garbage doesn't "wash up" on our lawn, among neighbors that have regard for unspoken social contracts and polite behavior. After all of that is achieved, air conditioning will just be gravy.

Animation for the Frankenstein episode is coming along really well, and I think fans of the show will laugh. I've had a problem with this one for about six months mostly due to a balance between comedy and content. My job is to entertain you first. However, there are some subjects I feel I have to comment on for the sake of the subject matter. For instance, The first episode "Eternal Kiss" was one giant critique of modern horror in general and Stephanie Meyer's Twilight stories in particular. I will concede though, that this method has backfired with regard to "A Purity of Spirit". The comment on puritan sexism and comparing it to modern "bro-culture" was poorly executed on my part. I'm not ashamed of that episode, but it fell below expectations for me. Thusly, I've changed the way I think about each episode of VCoT. I do have a recipe of sorts for structure, but most of the creamy nougat of each episode consists of me typing and thinking, until I feel that the joke is funny. I have to comment on Shelly's "Frankenstein" as a work of literature, as well as the adaptations to film, but I can't loose the funny in all of that esoterica. Another thing I've had to consider with my animation is that slow and steady wins the race. I'm trying to stockpile as many episodes as I can, but being a perfectionist as well as impatient, it never goes as quickly or as well as I would like.

Also, by the time you read this, I will be completely moved out of my storage unit. This is very good. Not only for my finances, but also emotionally. I'll no longer have a dust-gathering, monument to my 20s. I've retained the good stuff: books, certain letters and I've scrubbed the rest. Though I'm proud, I feel a little ashamed it has taken me so long to do this.

The new Rob Walker Films Facebook page is up and if you haven't yet, it would be really nice if you gave it a "LIKE". I will post everything I do from blogs to VCoT episodes there, so that you can easily keep up with all that is going on at RWF. I make it a point to post a blog every Monday.

Hope everyone has a good day,