Timepiece: Directed By Jim Henson

\Growing up in the 80s, I became an immense fan of Jim Henson. From the Muppet Show, to his film work and of course his yearly television specials. Jim Henson was probably one of the very first creative beings I actually recognized by name (Other than Walt Disney) His presence was undeniable and I knew if Henson had his name on it, it had to be brilliant.

It wasn't until much later (and long after the man's untimely passing) that I realized the scope of what Henson had accomplished. He began the seed of what would become The Muppets in the 1950s, and his creativity and ideas still continue today. I also learned that Henson had an experimental itch that needed scratching from time to time and through this notion of experimentation, he created a several projects that bare no resemblance to his work in puppetry. One of these projects was a short film called Timepiece.

Timepiece is a fun and lighthearted experiment of a story that unfurls wonderful imagery and sound in order to explore the concepts of time. The film began production in 1964 and premiered at The New York Museum of Modern Art in 1965. Timepiece ran for eighteen months at one New York theater and was nominated for an Academy Award. This may sound horribly corny, but Jim Henson and his work still continue to inspire me. So here is a piece of Jim Henson that not many people know about. The experimental side, the side that would lay the ground work for such later films as Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.

EDIT: The films has been taken down at every place that used to host it. All that is left is the trailer for the short. Pity. Let's hope this is a sign that we can expect a release of Henson's live action experimental films. Also, if you're interested in more of Henson's experimental side, I highly encourage you to pick up the graphic novel adaptation of one of his unproduced screenplays, A Tale of Sand It's a brilliant piece of work and compliments Timepiece. with similar themes.