Updates, Future Projects & Steve's Night Out

The CBP Show is probably the most fun I've had working on a video project. Mostly because the projects were born out of making ourselves laugh. The first of these: Steve's Night Out, was "written" during our weekly meetings. During these meetings we would find ourselves outside smoking and would often go off on imaginary tangents filled with hilarity and horror. It wasn't long before Monty suggested we film these ideas.

This series would feature us, playing heightened, more comical versions of ourselves, in situations that paralleled our "real" existence. We began shooting these shorts on weekends and managed to finish five of them and shoot part of a sixth. We had ideas for many more, one of my favorite unfinished episodes was "Lunch with Lynch" in which our video doppelgangers had a disturbing meeting with director David Lynch. This episode, written by friend, colleague and blogger Kyle Anderson, remains one of my favorite unfinished projects...I'd still like to shoot it someday...

If you want to see the series, you have to go to our website www.cigaretteburnpictures.com and do a search for The CBP Show (and you must also posses a great deal of patience). Because a few of these episodes are not hosted on Youtube & their load times are painfully slow. My advice, put it on to load and make yourself a sandwich. Your patience will be rewarded. Not to toot our own horn here, but we came up with some really funny stuff. Hopefully someday we'll be able to host elsewhere and load times will be faster.

Two of our episodes made it to youtube though, The CBP Show: "The Resolution" and "Fanboy" can be viewed HERE and HERE.

While shooting the sixth episode, scheduling and casting became more of a chore than we had previously anticipated and our plans for future episodes gradually fell apart. While we have moved on to future collaborative and solo projects, the experience of working on these shorts with Monty and Steve, let me have the most fun I've ever had working on a video (perhaps it was less the content and more the company).

Below is the first episode of our series titled "Steve's Night Out". For copy-write reasons, we weren't allowed to publish this and most of our episodes to Youtube. However we did manage to get this one up on Myspace shortly after it premiered at Look at Our Shorts 2. The reason for this post? we're getting rid of our Myspace account. Not knowing when you'll be able to see Steve's Night Out again, we wanted to give our audience a chance to see it again (or for the first time) before it gets pulled. Enjoy the hilarity we put into this, if you laugh half as much watching this as we did trying to shoot it, mission accomplished.

-Rob Out