Victorian Cut-out Theatre, Break and being roommates with Tiny Michael Keaton

I'm rendering again. This time it won't take a day and a half to do. This is my last Victorian Cut-out Theatre for a couple of months. I'm taking a break to deal with the move and we should be back in late May/early June. This gap in episodes makes me nervous. I feel like it took so long to cultivate VCoT's fanbase, and they're already a collection of rare beings (people who enjoy cut-out animation with layers of pop culture and literary humor), I'd hate to loose them because I'm not posting. I just hope as well as being intelligent, they are also loyal.

At this stage, I have no idea how many more episodes I'll be capable of. I honestly don't think I could go on forever, and would certainly love to do other things. Hopefully still working with Cinevore in some capacity, because those folks are smart. kind and they make great entertainment. And they kind of gave me my start. Stephanie and Matt remain inspirations in the realm of the arts and I feel very fortunate that they asked me aboard.

Anyway...future episodes may include:



The Bride of Frankenstein

Carnival hucksters

Irish Immigrants

Gypsy fortune tellers

It sounds like Matt and Stephanie may write an episode for me at some point and I would love that. So if your a writer and want to give script writing a whirl. I can assure you, I will at least look it over.

Other than that I had a public screening for Downtown Greeley's First Friday Arts Walk. It was nice, My shorts played mostly for friends, which was oddly fitting. The audience laughed and seemed to have a good time. It remeinded me of one of the old CBP screenings, only solo. I'm glad I did it.

Well, that's about it for now, as for personal news, My diet has concluded. I lost 20 pounds, so that's neat.

Also, be sure to check out commentary for episode 4 of Victorian Cut-out Theatre today, "The Hourglass Threshold".

Below is episode 1: of my new VINE show: Roomates with Tiny Michael Keaton

Take care,