Victorian Cut-out Theatre: Career Opportunities

I am terrible at job interviews. I feel like five years of acting training has prepared me for gregarious dealings with strangers and audiences. However, I never feel comfortable while answering the prepackaged trick questions. Among these trick questions is almost always “What is your biggest weakness?” You don’t have to be an analytics engine to know why this question is complete nonsense. But what if the answer to it was something truly spectacular?

The “window dressing” inspiration for this episode was spawned from Universal’s The Wolf Man. I had pretty much tackled all of the major movie monsters in one form or another, but had yet to do “werewolves”. Initially this episode began in the boudoir of a psychic, but the more I worked on it, i realized that it wasn’t working.

This episode was one the very first VCoT episodes I worked on for season 3. I was actually tinkering with it as early as September 2014. At that stage I was primarily focussed on finding the best way to animate these things, as it had become clear that my previous method was, well, overly time intensive and nonsensical.

I had originally animated this episode in early 2015, then returned to redo it once I had gotten six further episodes under my belt. In the words of my father, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing three or four times.” I feel like it is better for it and I have to give Matt Conant a hand for helping to punch up the script. Season 3 of VCoT is substantially sharper and punchier because of direct help from CInevore Studios.

So hear it is, Career Opportunities. I hope you enjoy it.