Victorian Cut-out Theatre Episode 10: The Plumage of Love

This episode, perhaps more than any other, may rely on literary knowledge as well as a familiarity with Downton Abbey. I'm hoping that anyone who has seen PBS will get it, but I could be wrong...This could also be my subconscious attempt to alienate as much of my audience as possible until I distill my viewers down to five people who really "get me". *Shudder* I hope not.

I know that many enjoy the BBC/PBS adaptations of Victorian novels. I know several people who enjoy the sexual tension, and quiet romance that these teleplays provide. I'm told that these stories remind us of what true romance used to be like in a class driven system when dowries and titles were the coin of the realm. While Jane steals longing glances at Rochester, some people think about forbidden love, all I can think about is how everyone probably smells like B.O. and halitosis.

Nevertheless, I am fascinated with these stories especially Jane Eyre. This is a tale that ends not unlike the last five minutes of Pretty in Pink, which is to say that it's a total cop-out. It's also worth pointing out that these costumed dramas are usually cast with people that are far more attractive than the characters they portray. Rochester, is portrayed in the latest theatrical version by the undeniably sexy Michael Fassbender-presumably because no one wants to see Jane fall in love with the character as he is described in the book. Which is how I've done my best to portray him in the episode.

The plot of Jane Eyre is pretty much laid out in the video, though I've changed the ending somewhat (wink). I also knew that I couldn't end the episode having just humorously detailed a scene from a piece of literature. I always try to end on a pop, and treating the Jane Eyre segment as a part of Public Television made the inclusion of "Upton Abbey" necessary and welcome.

My wife and several of our friends are Downton Abbey fans and while I enjoy the show, I consider myself more of a Sherlock fan. However, I would be lying if I said I hadn't wanted to do a parody of the show since it became such a hit. Seriously, since when did PBS become appointment television? The next thing you know, the tabloids in check-out lines will be replaced with issues of National Geographic and Discover...Anyway...

I'm pleased with the "Masterpieces" graphics, and Kyle Anderson's announcer voice really put the transition over the top for me (thanks, Kyle). I should also point out that Kyle's voice over assist, remains only the second vocal performance that is not my own in the history of Victorian Cut-out Theatre, the first being my wife in the very first experimental short "The Arrangement". I'd like to get more people involved and maybe future episodes will feature other performers who can do better British accents than me.

If you could pass this show on to others who may enjoy it, I'd really appreciate it. If you would also tell them to pass it on, that would be super too. I'd kind of like to get an underground-mixed tape-share-fest thing going on. I've noticed that the people who like this show really like it, but unfortunately need a little help finding it. Thanks for your help.

Take care,