Victorian Cut-out Theatre Episode 13: The Things of Man

This is an episode I've been tinkering with for about a year. The Bride of Frankenstein is one of my favorite films and I'd long wanted to do something with it. I've also long been fascinated with the idea that Mary Shelly's novel is considered the first science fiction novel and the first novel to herald the romantic genre. This is quite an accomplishment for anyone, but given that Ms. Shelly was laboring under a society that devalued women, this is some serious stuff. The book is beautifully written, filled with fantastic and horrifying imagery. It calls in to question the very nature of good and evil and the promises creators make. In short, Mary Shelly made a monster, one that has been rampaging for 195 years, and shows no signs of stopping. Few of her contemptaries can make similar claims.

As far as design goes, I wanted the monster to look like De Niro's monster from the Kenneth Branagh film, I wanted Victor to look a little like both Colin Clive and Peter Cushing; and the bride… was something else entirely. I wanted the bride to look like a mix between Elsa Lanchester's bride and a Barbie doll. I enlarged her eyes to give her Lanchester's 1930s ingenue peepers, as well as the "Nerfertiti" hairdo. Everything else, from the neck down, was made to look like Barbie. There was even an omitted line from the episode that described her measurements as 39, 21, 33-the same measurements as the doll from Matel.

I think the episode really works, although it went through so many iterations that I'm still cobbling different versions together in my head. Different beginnings, jokes, the denouement that got exchanged. I know a little how Frankenstein himself must have felt.

Anyway, here it is and in time for Halloween. Victorian Cut-out Theatre episode 13 "The Things of Man"