Victorian Cut-Out Theatre: "Eternal Kiss" (Dir. Rob Walker)

[EDIT]: So here is the NEW and IMPROVED version of this VCT: Eternal Kiss. I originally did this video in October of 2011. At the time this series was experimental and I didn't focus so much on format as I did just getting it out of my brain. This new version is thanks to the wonderful and talented Matt Conant and Stephanie Yuhas. They liked my work enough to want to make it better. Matt was kind enough to guide me through the process to get this video looking as good as possible and for that, I can't thank him enough. So here it is completely redone. The jokes are still intact but it no longer looks like shit. The best of both worlds I say. Thanks again to Matt and Stephanie for their support and for lending me some of their legitimacy. Rest assured there will now be more Victorian Cut-Out Theatre coming your way

-Rob Out. (2012)



As you read this, I am in California. having left on my honeymoon some days before, I made arrangements to have this NEW animation posted in my absence, as I do not own a laptop and it is difficult for me to work away from home. Special thanks to Rick Destree for making this post possible. Truly, we are in the future. This animation was inspired a year ago after the first Victorian Cut-Out Theatre was complete. It is an amalgam of several horror classics that I adore as well as some of the new trends in horror fiction and cinema that seem to be taking center stage. I don't begrudge anyone who enjoys these stories. While I don't care for them, that doesn't mean it's not good. However, growing up as a "monster kid", I like my vampires to be foul abominations that smell of decomposition and are simply evil. This view often does not lend itself well to romance. I can't, for instance, imagine a young woman wanting to be romanced by the Creature of the Black Lagoon. Then again, the world's a pretty big place and there might exist a subculture I don't know about.

-Rob Out.