Victorian Cut Out Theatre finds and audience and I am not "that" Rob Walker

I'm putting the finishing touches on the latest episode of Victorian Cut-Out Theatre titled "In Memoriam" it's about a funeral, because funerals can be quite funny. On a technical note, I think I have a better game plan for the future video - quality - look of the series. Also, sound is hard.

Often when I draft the scripts for VCoT episodes, I find myself having fun with the language. As I put it to a friend of mine, I try my best to say the most offensive things I can, but in Victorian speech, it's hard to get offended, which should make everyone happy. Because of my fascination with crafting language in the series, I do wonder weather or not others find it as amusing as I do. Time will tell, I suppose, but as of now, the series seems to be finding an audience with Cinevore. This makes me very happy. It seems that my work has found it's way beyond my family and friends into the consciousness of those who share my love of the humorously macabre. Thanks for supporting the show Cinevore.

More episodes are coming soon and you can continue to see them through Cinevore. I'm currently working on next month's and I'm in the process of writing the Halloween episode. Also, If you like the series, share with your friends and if you like it enough to sport clothing regarding Victorian Cut-Out Theatre, buy a shirt!

A couple of other things, I am not related to Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic). I've enjoyed his work and I'm sure he and his brother Rob are very lovely people. I'm also sure that if given the chance, we would have absolutely everything to talk about. Unfortunately, if the other Rob Walker and I are in the same room, the very fabric of reality itself will tear itself asunder. But if you happen to see Doug's brother Rob, tell him that I may be receiving his mail.


-Rob Out.