Victorian Cut-Out Theatre: "A Forgotten Carol" (Dir. Rob Walker)

The original idea behind Victorian Cut-Out Theatre was spawned by my wife's fascination with British adaptaions of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte novels, of which there are many. As you can imagine, I have no such fascination, although I see why they're so popular and if asked to ever perform in one I would most certainly jump at the chance.

The first of these shorts, The Arrangement, featured references to A Modest Proposal, the second Eternal Kiss was an obvious comment of Twilight with some Nosferatu and Hammer horror thrown in. A Forgotten Carol finds me making reference to Son of Sam (shudder), which I didn't realize I was doing at the time. Apparently I like to educate as well as entertain. I also enjoy monsters quite a bit and it seems like this series is turing into an excuse for me to get my monster fix on screen. Something I've wanted to do since I am Legend.

Everything concerning the legend of the Krampus in this short is true, look it up. This horrifying holiday cryptid has made a resurgence in popular culture recently to brilliant effect. I enjoy the idea of Santa's opposite as a last line of defense in behavioral modification. My wife and I recieved a Chistmas card this past holiday, featuring his likeness from my good friend Geoff and his wife Amber, which makes perfect sense since they share my enjoyment of mythology. (Thank you both! Looking forward to this years pics of the Golgotha Cake).


-Rob Out.