Victorian Cut-out Theatre: In Memoriam

My life has been in flux for the past several weeks, mostly due to the fact that my wife and I have to decide where we're going to move this upcoming April. Right now it looks like Los Angeles. Although, I'm not ruling anything out at this point. I just hope that wherever we end up, I can make a living wage. I think that's the thing that I'm most concerned with. I'm not concerned with my skills, or my ability to learn new things, or my work ethic. I'm concerned about being allowed the opportunities I need to work in the arts and be able to support my family. More on this as it develops.

Things with Cinevore are cooking along nicely. This latest episode of Victorian Cut-Out Theatre, titled In Memoriamwas initially inspired by a running gag on WTF Are You Watching, a podcast created by my friends and colleagues Lincoln Hayes and Kyle Anderson. Listening to the two of them argue is often what gets me through my week. Anyway, occasionally during the show, Lincoln will threaten to punch Kyle's expired vessel in the face. That's it. And that's the kind of thing I find absolutely hysterical. Of course I couldn't do an entire episode around punching dead bodies in the face, so I tried to imagine a situation where that might occur. The reading of someone's will seemed like a no brainer. The additional humor or "humour" flowed from that situation almost instantaneously. I should also point out that the erotic Japanese painting is real. Something that I, again, find absolutely hysterical.

When we finally unveil the new website, I'll be sure to include a FAQ for the world of Victorian Cut-Out Theatre. A world cultivated by the absurdity of class, xenophobia, sexism, monstrosities and pseudo science all sharing space on yellowed parchment. There is certainly more to come and I hope that if you like the show, you keep checking back and that you also share it with your friends. I'm currently working on next month's episode, and trying to decide if you guys would enjoy a special Halloween episode written in verse, or if that might be too much. I rather like the idea. What do you guys think?

-Rob Out.