Victorian Cut-Out Theatre: "A Singularity of Mind"

The NEW Victorian Cut-Out Theatre episode features one of my favorite bits of historical esoterica, The Turk. In my youth, I studied the art of magic. I read every book I could get on the subject, watched many a special hosted by John Ritter and researched, not just the tricks themselves, but the history. If you’re any kind of magician, amateur or professional, you know about The Turk.

In every magic book that covers the history of the art, there is always a section devoted to von Kempelen’s famous chess-playing automaton. And for the longest time I thought that the few of us who studied magic were the only ones who knew about it, but apparently I was wrong. When I ran this story idea past my wife, she informed me that she was familiar with The Turk because of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I have not seen this episode, nor was I familiar with the show's use of the reference. It also bears mentioning that The Terminator reference is pertinent in the title of this episode, A Singularity of Mind. I chose this title as a nod to the singularity. Which, if you don't know, is a theory that states humanity will have to merge with technology to keep up with our ever increasing consumption of information. We'll become the robots. Turk, Terminator, Cyborgs. Maybe we've already made the journey. Anyway...

I’m currently working on the next three episodes for the series, in order to stay on top of the coming holiday season. I’ve narrowed many of the ideas down, but as it happens with each episode, the widdling process continues from idea, to dialogue, until the final draft is rendered and sent off to Cinevore. Bearing my usual process in mind, I’m working hard on the Halloween themed story and hope to have the final version of the script finished soon. Stay tuned.

I’m writing more now than I have in quite some time, which seems to be a very good thing. I can't always express myself visually as quickly as I would like and writing gives me the opportunity to get the story down on paper as soon as it enters my mind. This way, my idea exists in some concrete form, instead of just swirling around my brain, where it will inevitably become lost. Right now I'm telling myself that these paper ideas are necessary for my move to the west coast this upcoming year. If I insist upon joining a creative industry, then my stock in trade must be ideas. Short stories, scripts, blogs, pitches and right now, I have several of all four. I am sincerely hoping that these concepts, snippets of dialogue and narratives have currency where I'm going. I'm also handy with props and a paintbrush so...there's that.

Below is a picture of me wearing the gift that was sent by my friend and colleague Lincoln Hayes. Lincoln and our friend Kyle Anderson (also known as The 12th Doctor) make a fun and witty podcast called WTF Are You Watching, where they pick a Netflix movie to watch and then talk about it. I was fortunate enough to have been a thrice time guest on their wonderful program, most recently for their 50th Episode Spectacular where they talk about the films of John Carpenter. Let me just say that I will treasure this shirt always. Thanks, Lincoln.

You can listen to their podcast HERE and you can buy a handsome shirt just like the one I'm wearing HERE.

Thank you for watching my videos, thank you for reading this blog and thank you, as always, for your continued support.

-Rob out.