Victorian Cut-Out Theatre: The Wild Hunt

The Most Dangerous Game is one of my favorite stories. I adored the pulp adventure aspect of it when I was a boy, but as I grew older I began to understand and enjoy the horror, black humor and existential themes of the story. I also think that someone being so wealthy that they can hunt people for sport is hilarious. If you’ve never read the short story, I highly recommend it. You can find the link to an e-version of it HERE. This tale was also adapted to film twice [that I know of] once in the form of 1932's adaptation of the same title. A cool, semi-companion piece to King Kong and Surviving the Game in 1994. Both films are fun but for very different reasons and Surviving the Game is far less classy.

You will be seeing more episodes of this series, thanks to Cinevore, because they demanded it and also because my wife has been watching an inordinate amount of Miss Marple, so inspiration is percolating. If you're a fan of vampyres, holiday cryptids and hunting people for sport, please let others who may enjoy the series know by sharing the link and reposting it elsewhere.

-Rob Out.