What's going on?


Getting settled into our new place.-so far so good (We can actually walk around in/cook in the kitchen.) This weekend will mean unpacking boxes and trying to make our new place more inhabitable, instead of just a giant playground for the cats. So I should have my office/Lair/Command Center up and running completely by the end of next week. On to things of note...

Recently just got back from the Philadelphia Filmathon, had a wonderful time, expect a video blog very soon.

A fellow Youtuber from the UK was kind enough t give me a shout out on his page the other day. If you are interested in Live action RPGs give this guys page a look. He does some of the best reviews and is brilliant at point people in the direction of fun, well put together games. My two favorites are Zombies!!!, which I will be playing on Halloween before watching The Walking Dead premiere on AMC and The extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, which I'm hoping to run by the end of the month. You can see his reviews for both of these games HERE and HERE. Thanks again Gentleman Gamer for the kind words!

I may have a small job interview coming up soon, so that's neat.

Anyway, keep checking back every Monday and Special thanks to Guest Artist Lincoln Hayes for covering this past Monday with his wonderful short "A Way Out". We should collab again soon, pal:)

-Rob Out.