Wish in One Hand... (Ani-Logue 4) Dir. Rob Walker

There isn't one among us who doesn't have at least a little high school angst still washing around inside them-shit, why do you think John Hughes created The Breakfast Club.

Most animated monologues are spawned from happenings in my everyday life and this one is no exception. My ten year high school reunion is coming up this week and for a while I definitely had conflicting feelings about it. I was interested to see everyone, but I did think I would be a little "further along" at this point in my life. After rolling these feelings around in my head for about two months, I decided to do an animation about it, exercise the demons so to speak. In thinking about my situation at great length and working on it artistically (At even greater length) I came to the realization that, for now, this isn't a bad place to be. Stunning realization for a guy who would be sacrificed in some carousel-death ritual by a futuristic society in two years. So here it is, my thoughts on the reunion, life's goals and the passage of time in general. Hope you enjoy it.

-Rob Out.

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