Writing, more L.A. and stuff I've been feeding my brain

Things are moving along slowly, but they're moving along nonetheless. I've manage to finish the third draft of my first television spec script and am expecting notes back from friends. I've received a few already that confirmed my suspicions and mean that I will have to shorten the beginning and lengthen the end. No big deal. Anyway, I hope it works, I'll be taking it with me when I head to L.A. in May for my alma mater's student showcase. If nothing comes of it, fine, but at least I can get some eyes on my work.

In other developments, my work is starting to be featured places other than this website. Submitting my writing was an experiment that is yielding some positive results. I'm not a full time contributor yet, but will be soon. It is my hopes that my work will be featured in even more places than these. I have my heart set on a few publications in particular. Fingers crossed.

Other than the above, I've not really much to mention. I've been working furiously on writing projects, I've been settling a few video accounts I've had lingering (one of them paid) and I've been enjoying quite a lot of media. Among the things i have been putting in my brain are the following:

-Bates Motel: When I first heard the concept of this series, I was skeptical, but the pilot episode has me intrigued. This modern spin on Psycho has the foundation for a fun, suspenseful series. I hope they have an ending in mind, though.

-Hannibal: Another series with a spin on old characters. While Demme's film is still the yardstick, this new series could stretch the serial killer motive farther (and better) than any other series in its genre.

-Nerd vs. Geek: I can't say it enough, this web series is phenomenal. The characters are fun to watch and I can't wait to see how the relationships develop. Their latest episode "Shiny Grape" is hysterical.

-Skyrim: I normally have difficulty with open world games, but this one is a great deal of fun and what's more, it doesn't feel like work. Right now I'm rocking the thief track, and having a blast dungeon crawling.

-Portal 2: I know I'm behind the curve, but I haven't been able to run the game until recently. This problems solving, FPS tells a story that is both absurd and terrifying. After I finish playing this I feel, perhaps falsely, a little smarter.

-Jonah Hex: This comic series is criminally under read. If you have even a passing interest in the western or crime genres of storytelling, I highly encourage you to check out this fantastic anthology series.

-Evil Dead: I wasn't quite sure what to make of this movie after I left the theater, but after giving it some time to marinate, I think that this movie has filled a hole in the horror genre as well as being a worthy remake on par with Dawn of the Dead, The Thing and The Fly. Here's some spoilery moments:

1) The beginning grabs your attention and doesn't let go.

2) As soon as you see the dog, you know he's not going to make it (sorry)

3) The urinating scene was my absolute favorite moment (I would have made that choice too, had I directed the piece)

4) The arm chopping scene was the apex of the humor, violence and gut- wrenching gore.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to. I'l give you more updates as they arrive, so please keep checking back.

Take care,