WTF Are You Watching 50th Episode - John Carpenter Special PART 1

I had a wonderful time doing this show. As a fan of cinema, it's always fun to listen to other fans give their opinions and theories on film. To listen to the podcast click the poster below and if you haven't "LIKED" WTF Are You Watching on Facebook you can do so HERE. Below is more Carpenter goodness including a John Carpenter version of the Garfield Halloween Special (that references The Fog). HERE is the link for the WTF Are You Watching site. Anyway, enjoy the podcast, have fun and you might just learn something.

As we mention in the podcast, The Garfield Halloween Special references The Fog. Someone put together a truncated version of the show with Carpenter's Halloween theme. Click HERE to watch the full Garfield Special, watch the Carpenter version below.

Since Paul Heath is a The Thing expert, he mentions a fun short story by writer Peter Watts. This story gives the plot of the film through the POV of the thing as it imitates each of the men. Click the poster below to read this wonderful short story.

Here is a hot photo of Adrienne Barbeau, with decent hair.

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-Rob Out.